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UAB Drūtmedis, which is located in Kaunas, is engaged in the Scandinavian type wooden windows. The company has accumulated considerable experience over many years of work, which allows the realization of her skills in the manufacture of wooden windows. These windows are used in wet, windy climates. Both the windows and doors from the outside can be covered with aluminum - they do not stain easily adapted to any architecture, are not afraid of rain and salt, and correct operation is almost eternal. Modern wood windows provide a high level of comfort and security. An intelligent set-up division, intermediate and high-functional glazing (heat-protecting), all of this - a high technical quality of the product which meets all the requirements raised by modern technology. This is a single-family houses, farmsteads type of windows, opening to the outside - unlike most other modern wooden and plastic windows.This type of opening is usual type in Denmark, Norway and other Scandinavian countries. Sash window, opening to the outside, running strong wind gusts, even more pressing to the frame, the Scandinavian window is impermeable to water. Thease are  very nice windows, suitable for timber frame, log homes, heritage areas are constructed and renovated buildings.

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UAB "Drūtmedžio langai"
Europos pr. 60, Kaunas LT-46364
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